Our Graduates

C.A.T graduates have:

  • Solid scientific and technological Background that allows him/her to be familiar with the principles and theories of engines, equipment and main and secondary parts of the aircrafts which enable him/her to understand the instructions of testing, maintenance and repair whether written or verbal as per the testing and maintenance standard programs known locally and internationally.
  • Capabilities and skills that allows him/her to use different equipment and devices that are needed in testing,maintenance and fixing of the aircraft components and systems.
  • Ability to Lead a group of executive assistants to implement technical work programs assigned by his seniors and to prepare the necessary reports for that.
  • Planned programs for testing, maintenance and repairing programs¬† needed for jet engines, communication and equipment of aircrafts are implemented according to the local and international regulations as well as the recommendation of the manufacturer companies.
  • Technical capabilities and specialized scientific informations that allows him to provide necessary advice and guidance to the employees he leads.
  • Ability to face urgent technical issues, analyze it and recommend the best solutions for it.
  • Profeciency in technical communication methods and the ability to use it with his superiors and subordinates
  • Self-learning abilities to update his knowledge and catch up with the rapid development in aviation technology

Officially we started the first academic year of 2015/2016 as per the ministerial decree no. 176 of year 2015 from the Ministry of Higher Education-Private Universities Council.