Technical Training Center

Undoubtedly, Technical training centers and workshops are considered one of the most advanced educational tools to develop the innovative thinking of distinguished students in different specialties, serve and develop communities. As was mentioned before, since the studying program in our college consists of theoretical part as well as practical part, we provided the needed workshops and practical incubators in order to train our students.

  • Hangars

College of Aviation Technology has a fully equipped hangar with static aircrafts and advanced equipment as per the international standards and requirements for practical training. These hangers are being used by our instructors and students for research purposes, especially those related to aviation maintenance engineering. It is considered a suitable environment to adopt the innovative thinking of our distinguished students to conduct their research and studies using advanced equipment.

  • Mechanical Workshops

C.A.T workshops are equipped with the most advanced equipment and spare parts to train our students practically to use them whether inside or outside the college.

  • Electronic workshops

Also, we have equipped our workshops with the most advanced electronic equipment to guarantee that our students are able to simulate between the practical training and the real practice and enhance their rapid response.

  • Simulator

Our priority was to provide training simulator equipment in order to provide the proper educational and training environment in the college.